As a starting talent, BAS offers you the opportunity to add a remarkable experience to your studies and resume. You get the opportunity to test and increase your knowledge and skills in practice. You will also receive an appropriate compensation for this. And you will meet one of the nicest automotive companies in the Netherlands.


Start you international career

You aim for a career in IT or international sales support. Or you want to take your first steps in the international trade scene and are curious about digitization processes and the world behind B2B market places. Whatever your ambitions, BAS offers you the opportunity to supplement your theoretical knowledge with unique practical experience.

Are you studying in the Netherlands and are you looking for a suitable internship to complete your education and to obtain sufficient credits? View our vacancies or tell us what your wishes and ambitions are via an open application. An internship at BAS is tailor-made. We tailor the duration, content and form of it to your studies. Together we formulate a concrete assignment to sink your teeth in with personal guidance. You participate in our day-to-day operations and take responsibility for the results.

An internship at BAS adds value to your resume

A few great things to know: almost everyone at BAS speaks English. You have that in an international environment where more than seventeen nationalities are represented. You will get your own tutor/coach. And in the afternoon, you are welcome in our excellent canteen for a free lunch. You don't have to worry about housing. We will arrange that for you.

Do you want to know how an international organization works and how different companies and departments complement and reinforce each other? You get the space to look around. Do you want to participate in a specific department? Our IT team, for example, or our sales, service or customer success team? We arrange a fully-fledged workplace for you. And this is for sure: your internship at BAS adds value to your resume.

6 reasons for doing an internship at BAS

  • Unique learning and work experience with appropriate remuneration

  • Lunch is free for international interns

  • International atmosphere with colleagues who speak English

  • Concrete assignment and professional guidance

  • Looking around and participating in a versatile organization

  • Very strong reference on your resume

Experiences of BAS interns