At the basis of reliable employment practices

In order to fully blossom and grow, you need a fertile soil. HR and Finance professionals provide the knowledge and tools to keep that soil in top condition. They form the basis of our reliable employment practices. With people-centred policies and financial management that focuses on continuity and future prospects. You reap the benefits as an employee.

Both HR and Finance have clear goals. Compact teams set the foundation for the entire organization and the various business units. In addition, they keep their finger on the trigger. So that talent is given space, no career opportunities remain unused and the available financial resources experience contribute to our growth.

HR professionals, BAS's DNA experts

Finding and engage, in the Netherlands and abroad. Training and coaching. Thinking along and adjusting, making sure that everything is correct, and everyone gets paid on time. These are just a few things our HR teams are committed to. Employees are not numbers or "resources", but individual people with personal ambitions and wishes. HR knows them, talks to them and acts with integrity.

Receive and give, do what your heart desires and what you are good at. HR monitors and activates the core of the BAS DNA: where there is a will, there is a way. Get started as an HR specialist, Learning & Development expert, trainer or recruiter.

Finance professionals keep BAS financially fit

Advanced analysis tools, high-quality reporting techniques, top-level IT. As a finance professional at BAS you work with the best systems to make thousands of money and goods transactions visible, understandable and manageable. Accuracy and insight are key here.

Figures tell a story. About prospects, intersections and turns to be taken. About growth, strategy and business management. About how fit we are as an international team with a turnover of more than € 400 million. The story is never finished. You actively participate in this as a financial assistant, business controller or financial specialist in the direction you choose.

HR & Finance in brief

Working at BAS HR or Finance means: helping to build a healthy, growing automotive organization with optimal working conditions and plenty of room for personal preferences and qualities. Compact HBO/VWO expert teams operate centrally and locally in both fields. There is a lot of interaction and coordination. The following applies to both: you see and experience the impact of the role you perform, and you can make your mark.

Common HR vacancies are: HR advisor, HR Manager, recruiter, trainer/coach, HR controller. Specific Finance vacancies are: financial assistant, business controller, financial controller, legal-financial specialist, financial manager, salary administrator.

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