Set the world in motion

Our customers are global players in logistics and transport. They operate on a highly competitive international stage, where efficiency, speed and smart technology are key to success. They rely on BAS for our wide range of trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, machines, parts and tyres. And not forgetting our top service.

To serve our dynamic market, we also operate the best possible logistics processes and systems ourselves, including specialised transport. And as a growing organisation, we can always use new and enthusiastic colleagues.  If your heart beats faster for anything related to logistics and transport in an international setting, you'll get a kick start at BAS.

To various locations and back the smart way

BAS has grown with the sale of new and used trucks. Trailers, industrial machines and commercial vehicles are now also part of our business. These are products that you don't just put on a shelf or send to customers by post. They are valuable, mobile equipment for which we need the best drivers to deliver them to their destinations within tight schedules and according to high quality standards.

That's what we mean by 'specialised transport'. As a driver at BAS, you get the chance to show off your manoeuvring skills. In our car parks, for example, where we display our products. This is where the journey of our trucks starts, to one of our workshops and back, to transport companies, or to ports for further international transport. Driving for miles and still sleeping at home as much as possible. BAS makes it possible.

Many roads lead to a great career

We always have room for skilled drivers. But also for professionals who are 'at the wheel' in a different way, such as planners, for example, who map out smart routes and tight timelines and keep their finger on the pulse. Or experienced planners who ensure streamlined work processes and use data-driven tools to do so. Whatever your talents and ambitions, at BAS Logistiek & Transport there are many paths to a career you can take home.

Do you already have experience in logistics processes and transport issues? Or are you at the start of your career and looking for a flying start in the world of logistics and transport? At BAS, the opportunities are there for the taking. You just need to have a good nose for it and be willing to seize it. Then before you know it, you'll be at the place of your dreams. That is the advantage of working for an international organisation that continues to grow.

Logistics & Transport in short

Logistics and transport is our market. Every year, we put more than 10.000 trucks in motion and thousands of trailers, machines and company buses find their way to satisfied customers. You can understand that this involves a lot of our own operational activities in the field of logistics and transport. And to be honest, we are very good at it. Thanks to a versatile, complementary team. An own role in Logistics & Transport at BAS is not a job but a stepping stone to a career. In demand are: logistics planner, logistics manager, rosterer, (truck) driver, co-driver, shipping expert, transport buyer.

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