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Are you interested in a promising career or intriguing internship in the Netherlands? Do you have affinity with international purchasing and sales processes, IT innovations or technical work in the automotive industry? BAS likes to meet talented people who enjoy working in an environment with a lot of diversity in languages and cultures. 

Typical BAS characteristics are: short lines of communication, a lot of spirit and entrepreneurship, a special mix of languages and cultures, and limitless career opportunities. Sounds like a good fit? 

There is a lot to do at BAS

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Purchasers front-office, purchasers commercial back-office and more…


International account & sales managers and more…

Sales Support

International customer support agents and more…


Truck mechanics, technical specialists, warehouse employees and more…

After Sales

Service coordinators, claim handlers, driver trainers, consultants and more…

Product & Tech

Software engineers, data analysts, system administrators and more…


Marketeers, SEO/SEA experts, branding specialists, designers and more…

HR & Finance

Finance controllers, HR strategists, financial assistants and more…

8 reasons to apply at BAS

  • Versatile challenges at a reliable employer

  • All formalities arranged quickly and correctly

  • Inspiring mix of nationalities, languages and cultures

  • Introduction and instructions in English

  • Short commute, free Dutch course

  • Space to learn and grow

  • Contribute actively to efficiency of worldwide logistics

  • Informal family business, nice international colleagues

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