Effective marketing with a maximum ROI

Diverse, digital, relevant. Commercially driven and focused on optimizing and personalizing the customer journey. Stimulate and seduce. Offline and online. Marketing at BAS is diverse and knows many specialities. With customer data and advanced measurement methods as a source. Together we are committed to effective marketing processes with maximum return.

Turnkey truck concepts, mining, machinery, parts and tires. What they have in common? You need buyers for them. And this starts with the game of reaching, enthusing, captivating and binding customers through numerous channels. Identifying leads, setting up and adjusting campaigns. Marketing facilitates and optimizes the customer journey.

We pull out all the stops for the customer journey

Marketing at BAS happens 80 to 90 percent online. With a lot of emphasis on branding, data-driven targeting and lead generation. "Marketing through a commercial perspective". Formulate strategies and aim for our goal. For the entire organization - Retail, Trade and Service - and from the vision that long-term investments are profitable.

Websites, e-platforms, international portals, product presentations, fairs and business events. Action, reaction, transaction. At BAS, we use all available marketing techniques and channels to bind the Dutch and international transport world to our top tier brand. We validate all decisions we make and actions we take, adjust where necessary and pull out all the stops for the customer journey.

Marketing at BAS in brief

Eager, creative, strategic and decisive. These are the qualities you’ll find in the BAS marketing team. Many fresh ideas, highly innovative and direct lines with sales and IT provide a special synergy. Everyone has their own specialty and contributes to innovative omnichannel projects. SEO, SEA, conversion optimization, content marketing, mobile marketing, UX design, it's all on the marketing menu. Common vacancies are: marketing communication specialist, (UX) designer, online marketer and SEO/SEA specialist.

Marketing at BAS – driven by global challenges

  • Space and freedom for your ideas and creativity

  • Intense brainstorming sessions, no obstacles to step out of your comfort zone

  • Fully integrated in our complete retail, trade and service organization

  • Together responsible for a tough budget

  • Driven colleagues who share and give to each other

  • Refuelling during team outings and lunch walks

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