Cookies are often the subject of much debate. They are not edible, so not everyone likes them. Others, however, love them because they help provide better, more targeted information. At BAS, we also use cookies. We do this to better follow the use of our websites and see if there are any trends. This allows us to make improvements.

Cookies are small data files that the websites you visit leave on your hard drive. They usually contain an anonymous, unique identifier. Cookies do not remove data from your hard drive or pass on computer viruses.

You can delete or block cookies by using the settings in your browser. But beware, because this may result in our website not functioning properly. That would be a shame, because you can't afford to miss a vacancy!

We also use Google Analytics to understand how visitors use our websites and mobile applications. Google Analytics cookies do not provide us with any personally identifiable information. They tell us how you got to our website, whether you've been here before, how long you spend browsing the world of BAS and which pages interest you. All this information helps us to better understand what drives you and how we can best help you in the career steps you want to take.