‘‘Working in another country often brings questions along. What should I keep in mind? What kind of papers do I need and how do I arrange them? BAS is more than happy to answer all your questions. A lot is arranged for you and there is always someone to show you around.’’

For whatever reason you come to the Netherlands, you want things to be well organized. You can count on BAS. With 30 different nationalities on board at BAS, we take things seriously. And we continue to invest in it. We’ll ensure that you can get started quickly and that you don’t need to worry about formalities. We get things done and arrange everything.

Organised down to the last detail

In the Netherlands, the rights of workers are well organized. BAS holds employee rights to the highest standards, regardless of your country of origin. We will show you all the documents you have to sign in English beforehand. The employment contract that we conclude with you complies to both Dutch and international law.

Are you from the EU? Then it's easy. You do not need a work or residence permit to work in another EU country. There are some formalities though, such as registering yourself in the municipality where you are going to live, for example. We are happy to help you with that. Are you from outside the EU? Let us know what your talents are and how you think you can be of value to BAS and together we will look at the possibilities.

Banking and insurance

You can’t escape paperwork if you want to work abroad for a short or longer period of time. Think of a bank account, a rental contract, but also the various insurance policies which you will need. For example, think of a liability insurance or the compulsory car insurance.

As soon as you live and work in the Netherlands, you also need health insurance. This provides access to Dutch healthcare and reimburses any medical costs. In the Netherlands we have a compulsory 'basic insurance' and an additional insurance for dentists and physiotherapists, among others. We are happy to look into this with you, so that you get a health insurance that suits you.

A warm welcome

We want everyone to feel at home at BAS. You will be assigned a fixed contact person, often your manager. He’ll take the time to familiarize you with our organization. You get to know the different entities and departments. Also you’ll get a tour through the company and will be shown how our coffee machines work.

We’ll naturally also arrange a good and suitable workplace for you in advance and inform your colleagues about your arrival and start date. Thanks to our fun and versatile training program, you will have time to acclimatize. Don't be alarmed by the crowds around you. It is always rush hour at BAS. That is what makes our company so vibrant.

Housing and social life

Are you only temporarily coming to the Netherlands, as a student for example? We provide a suitable and affordable accommodation during your internship. Or are you entering into a future-oriented working relationship with us? We’ll guide you in renting or purchasing a home and familiarize you with the region.

What are the opening hours of Dutch supermarkets? How should I dispose my garbage? How do you deal with your neighbours, what time do restaurants open and how much fun is the nightlife? We explain how it work in the Netherlands. Are you planning to stay in the Netherlands for a longer period of time? Then our free Dutch course might interest you.