Smart, inexhaustible fuel for further growth

What Amazon is for the digital consumer, BAS is for the 21st century transport entrepreneur. Product & Tech at BAS is driven by an unprecedentedly high level of ambition. At BAS, we work on tomorrow's international sales and innovative and better degrees of service. Big data, e-commerce and connectivity are central to this. It all happens at BAS.

We boast more IT’ers than salespeople. You will not find that at any other international automotive company. The explanation? At BAS, we are digitalizing our internal processes and our external partner and sales channels, which is decisive in the strategy to break down boundaries and increase opportunities. Product & Tech is the inexhaustible, smartest fuel for further national and international growth. Our multidisciplinary teams, based in India, Latvia and the Netherlands, are driven by innovation.

You’ll achieve your greatest heights!

The business of truck technology, international trade and transport requires countless actions, transactions and processes to complete efficiently. At BAS, they are all visible and manageable. In real time! Our ERP system, developed in-house from scratch, is of a high level. We consistently develop and improve this platform, just like our specialist websites, webshops, customer portals and CRM system.

What would this mean for you? You actively build the future based on your expertise. You add energy to about fifty projects per year. You attain big achievements in a team that you can be proud of. You also get the space and support to be the best and to build the most innovative digital international roads.

Product & Tech at BAS in brief

One hundred percent control over our systems and applications. A stable and flexible infrastructure. Leading the way in analysing and implementing new technologies. At BAS you operate as an IT professional/developer in the front line and you use your specific skills to implement innovations. Our workplace and application managers ensure that all our 1000 colleagues can use the latest systems and that their workplaces are perfectly equipped.

Or leave your mark on our team of visionary product owners and developers and set the digital course together with our dedicated teams in the Netherlands and Latvia. Motto: there are no limits. The essence? Understand how to set up an innovative online trading environment. Common vacancies: data scientist, product owner, software developer and test automation engineer.

Never miss a career opportunity again?