After Sales at BAS: all stops are pulled out for maximum customer satisfaction

BAS customers want to move forward, in all circumstances. Based on our core promise, we are committed to this together. Starring our versatile After Sales team. When a sale is closed, things are just getting started for After Sales.

We pull out all the stops to get transport companies, construction companies and environmental & cleaning services on their way, quickly, efficiently and effectively. We arrange and plan maintenance, draw up maintenance contracts, look at workshop efficiency, provide driver and fuel management training and are specialists in fleet management.

We put everything in motion to make equipment ready for operation and to have optimum availability. We coordinate the coordination with the workshop and ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Because at BAS we like to see our customers return.

People skills and insight in technology

Our After Sales specialists have people skills and insight in technology. For example, our service coordinators within our workshops ensure that all vehicles are repaired or styled by our mechanics completely according to the customer’s wishes and on time. From our head office, we ensure that our workshops have proper support when drawing up complex maintenance contracts, measure and guarantee customer satisfaction and manage our customers' fleet.

A position at After Sales automatically means: a lot of dynamism. You are never done learning and you have plenty of opportunity to grow within or outside of After Sales. You discover for yourself what you like to do and where you distinguish yourself. If you have insight into processes, have an affinity with technology and always put the wishes of the customer first, the path for a career in After Sales at BAS is open to you.

After Sales at BAS in brief

The scope of After Sales at BAS is broad, the impact on the customer experience and the market position of our dealer company BAS Truck Center is maximal. At After Sales you are the link between the customer and our service locations. Contract management, damage claims, warrantees, fleet management, innovative driver training and so on. 

Looking for a versatile career in After Sales? Common vacancies: service coordinator, contract manager, fleet manager and driver trainer.

After Sales at BAS – full focus on the customers experience

  • Unique dynamics, challenging positions, in front and behind the scenes

  • Versatile team with great service and lots of energy

  • You determine the satisfaction of our customers

  • Powerful combination of people skills and technology

  • Empathy, flexibility and accelerating as second nature

  • Time for each other; the coffee is always ready

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