Clear and simple. Our recruiter Annabelle will contact you to find out if there is a match between our vacancies & targets and your talents & ambitions. After analysing mutual interests, wishes and possibilities, further arrangements will be planned. After an initial online meeting, you may be invited to pay a visit to our company to get to know each other better. In that case, your travel and accommodations costs will be reimbursed by BAS.
Of course! At BAS, we are always looking for talent. Do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for and why you would like to work at BAS through an open application.
We prefer to call you on the same day to hear why you are so enthusiastic about BAS! Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. On average, it takes us three business days to get back to you. So, it’s a stroke of luck if you hear from us sooner.
We are always looking for passionate new colleagues! View all vacancies and who knows, maybe your ideal side job, internship or traineeship is among them!
BAS is a fast growing organisation and new vacancies appear regularly. So it's best to visit our website regularly and keep an eye on our social media. We hope to see you soon!;)
The map (bottom of the contact page) shows the locations (and addresses) of BAS.

BAS's head office is located in Veghel. In our head office (or in an office on the same site) you will find the following BAS subsidiaries: BAS Trucks, BAS Truck Center, BAS Parts, BAS Tires, BAS Vans, BAS Machinery, BAS Holding, BAS Mining Trucks, FleetCareXL, BAS Rent and BAS Lease.

Our modern Volvo & Renault Trucks dealer workshops are located in Nijmegen, Veldhoven, Tilburg and Nijmegen. The Bodywork Workshop and the Delivery Center are also located in Veghel.
No matter at which BAS facility you are expected, you’ll always find a free parking spot. You can park right in front of the building at our head office, the Delivery Center and the Bodywork Workshop in Veghel, as well as at the modern Volvo & Renault dealer workshops in Tilburg, Nijmegen, Veldhoven and Veghel.
Keywords? Approachable, attractive, committed. Hard work and decisive, but also: enjoying an informal drink with colleagues on Friday afternoons at our own BAS bar and spectacular parties and corporate events that are endlessly talked about. BAS is a company that works hard and celebrates successes.
Great! In addition to black coffee, we also have tea, cappuccino and soda in the vending machines. So, you don't have to be a fanatic coffee drinker.
More than 850! Distributed over our different BAS locations.
You can bring your own sandwich, but you don't have to. In our Basserie you will find fresh sandwiches, warm soups, filled salads, fresh fruit and a wide choice of hot and cold drinks. For a small fee you can enjoy a delicious lunch here every day.
Health, fitness and performance go hand in hand at BAS. You get unlimited access to the BAS Fit program. From a preliminary health and workplace check, fresh fruit in the office to participating in fitness and sports activities that are perfect for you. Nowhere can you find a more comprehensive and versatile business program to work on your health and endurance.
Maximum space and support to develop yourself, professionally and personally. That's what the BAS Academy stands for. Because if you can do what you are good at, you will feel good. This allows you to achieve your fullest potential and deliver top performance. From e-learning about our systems and vehicles, coaching on the job and a personal development plan to participation in workshops and internal training programs. BAS Academy will allow you to reach further.

We also give you the opportunity to continue honing your knowledge & skills externally and to develop yourself. For example, we encourage all our employees to participate in relevant seminars and fairs and we have a special study cost scheme for eager colleagues. In addition, our BAS Truck Center technicians are given access to the brand-specific training courses for Volvo and Renault Trucks. In short, BAS Academy offers you plenty of support to realize your ambitions and to develop yourself sustainably in your field. For your entire career
Most vacancies are open at our head office in Veghel, so you need to come and live in the Netherlands. Occasionally, we are looking for someone who will remotely perform his/her work on behalf of BAS. Take a look at our vacancies, which include the work locations
Foreign nationals working temporarily in the Netherlands must have a valid travel document. For residents of the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) and of Switzerland, a national passport or identity card will suffice. Workers from outside the EU must have a residence permit and an employment permit for the EEA country where they will be working.

For more information about foreign nationals working in the Netherlands see this page of the Dutch government
No, everyone at BAS can communicate in English, but we can help you learn the Dutch language.
In principle, you have to do this yourself, but we can offer housing for a short period of time (to bridge the gap) until you have found a home yourself.
As an applicant you are welcome at the BAS locations. We do ask you to adhere to the measures. We request you to wear a mouth mask until you are seated in a consultation room. We also ask you to disinfect your hands upon arrival. Together with you, we ensure safe conditions. Of course you also have the choice to have a conversation via Skype.