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Let's speed up international truck trading

From Maastricht to Madrid, from Marrakesh to Lagos, from Berlin to Moscow - road transport knows and recognizes no borders. Neither does the international procurement and sale of transport equipment. Because sellers and buyers of trucks, trailers and other equipment now do business directly with each other on BAS World.

With BAS World, the Dutch brand BAS has launched world's first dedicated online automotive marketplace. Built on state-of-the-art technology, market expertise and the trust factor of our international partner network. BAS World combines the ease of use of a consumer web shop with expert online and offline support in the corporate automotive market. This way we make the world a bit smaller again. And faster! Experience it yourself and join the team.

Together we shift the global truck business into top gear

Ground-breaking, game changing, disruptive. BAS World is turning the global automotive business upside down. As an innovative and international marketplace, BAS World bridges the digital gap between buyers and sellers of trucks, trailers and other transport equipment. Built with state-of-the-art technology and algorithms, BAS World offers the ultimate B2B buyer & seller experience.

Business as usual? Don’t think so! BAS World is initiating a phase of acceleration. You want to be part of that if you think digitally, internationally and in an entrepreneurial way. In fact, you want to leave your mark. Perhaps as an account manager in the international playing field of BAS, or as a vehicle inspector. Or would you rather get behind the controls at our head office in Veghel, as a pricing expert, customer service employee, developer or marketing specialist? Don't let anything slow you down. Take up your role at BAS World.

Robust as a network, smooth as a web shop

BAS pulled out all the stops to create the first international B2B marketplace for trucks. We are proud of the result. BAS World is rock solid and at the same time provides the convenience and flexibility of super-fast online businesses. BAS World connects opportunities with knowledge and sellers with buyers. With the internet as its engine and the experience of our worldwide partner network as a solid foundation.

BAS World is the first online global business platform for the purchase of trucks and trailers. User-friendly, fast and safe. All partners in our Trusted Seller network have instant access to unique trading options. With the professional support of our BAS World team as added value. This includes online valuations, on-site inspections, sales support and robust transaction tools. Come and strengthen our team with your skills.

Working at BAS World in brief

At BAS World you write the future. You contribute to ground-breaking processes and new purchasing and sales standards in the automotive industry. You work in a modern environment, with more than fifteen nationalities that stimulate your talent for languages.

You take steps in a growing organization that believes in talent and responsibility. BAS World challenges you to excel in positions such as account manager, pricing analyst, customer service employee, vehicle inspector, IT project manager, developer and marketing specialist.

The global automotive marketplace that pushes the boundaries and changes the game forever; that's BAS World to me!

Michiel Michon - Key Account Coordinator

Six reasons why you’d want to work at BAS World

  • Do business in an international playing field

  • Work together on a brand-new platform

  • Build a ground-breaking start-up, powered by BAS

  • A lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility

  • World-class technology that has an impact on the truck industry

  • Excel between 15 nationalities in a cosy Brabant family business

Questions about working at BAS World?

Questions about working at BAS World?

Our recruiter Annabelle can tell you everything about our vacancies and working at BAS via +31651701422 or the button below.

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