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Tom Roelofs

Tom Roelofs
 Job title:
Service coordinator
After Sales
 At BAS since:
15 july 2019



My path

On a normal working day, I schedule appointments with customers by e-mail, phone or when a customer visits our location. A large part of the visits we receive are unplanned. It is therefore often important to act quickly and to ensure that vehicles are stationary for as short a time as possible. As a Service Coordinator, it is my job to find out exactly what the issue is. This ensures that the technician can work in a targeted manner and the problem is found more easily. In addition to planning the appointments, I also discuss additional work with the technician and request permission for repairs from customers. When the repairs are completed, the work order is discussed with the technician in order to be able to invoice it. When the customer comes to pick up the truck again, I make sure I'm ready with the keys. When handing over the keys, I explain the work we did.

Unfortunately, it also happens that our customers experience problems along the way. In this case, I try to assist by phone. If this does not work, we will send a mechanic to our own or another Volvo workshop. We maintain close contact with the customer so that they do not incur unexpected costs. Afterwards it is always great to hear that the customer can continue his way.

“I find it remarkable that BAS gives you freedom immediately, even if you have just entered service, like me.”


This motivates me

In my position I am given the freedom and responsibility to make decisions. This means that I must learn to make my own considerations. Having that freedom and confidence gives me a lot of energy. I find it remarkable that BAS gives you this freedom immediately, even if you have just entered service, like me. I am already looking forward to the coming years.

Proud of…

During my 2nd month here I was assigned a case concerning 6 new trucks that were stationed abroad. The trucks were delivered by us and placed at a dealer in England to be assembled. Subsequently, the trucks stood still here for too long, causing the batteries of all trucks to be defective and had to be replaced. This is of course very annoying for the customer. Unfortunately, the dealer in England was unable to send the batteries to Renault for warranty because the batteries were completely discharged. In order to find a good solution, contact was made with Renault Trucks Netherlands, who eventually reimbursed the batteries out of courtesy.

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