Working at BAS with
Sylvana Gevers

Sylvana Gevers
 Job title:
Communication & PR
 At BAS since:
01 april 2008


Queen of the U-disk and image bank, hands-on, source of information, multi-deployable marketing talent.

My path

I have been working at BAS since 2008 and am responsible for communication & PR. A long time span in which I learned a lot and saw the company grow. Where we advertised in magazines in 2008, for example, we now make smart use of SEO & SEA to enlarge our online presence. The communication has largely shifted from offline to online.

In collaboration with colleagues from the marketing department, I ensure that BAS's vision is best communicated to the outside world. The goal is that our customers and other stakeholders see BAS as the most progressive partner when it comes to all products and services related to transport equipment. A small selection of my tasks: writing press releases, organizing events and fairs, managing social media channels, producing flashy videos... every day is different at BAS!

This motivates me

Every day - no matter how cliché - I go to work with a smile on my face. Due to the great diversity of activities, I’ll celebrate one week that an event has been successful, the other I’ll be working as editor-in-chief for our own magazine BASTA and another week I’ll be preparing our booth at an exhibition. It makes me happy & proud when an event or exhibition turned out to be successful - when I see that all the preparations have contributed to a good turnout, customers have fun and we have been able to convey a good message. On the other hand, I can even get completely enthusiastic about - something as small as - a good (press) message on social media.

I recharge after a busy week at home, where I enjoy my two sweet, funny children and my husband, with whom I like to go out for an evening, visit a festival or sit back on the couch for an evening of Netflix. I also get new energy from going for a run, motorcycling or a jump session. Perfectly balanced, as it should be.

''The saying "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn" is written on one of the walls here and it is certainly characteristic of the company.''


Proud of…

I am proud to have been working at BAS for so many years. Working at BAS means working at a Brabant family business. We work hard, but there is also time for a joke or a pleasant trip with colleagues. We work with a young and driven team and you get a lot of freedom in your work. The saying "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn" is written on one of the walls here and it is certainly characteristic of the company. You are given the freedom to take your own initiative. My knowledge remains up to date through internal sessions in which colleagues share their knowledge or through participation in external marketing seminars. Taking (online) courses is also encouraged. This way you will never stop learning, even if you’ve been with BAS for years.

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