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Silvia van Lieshout

Silvia van Lieshout
 Job title:
Sales Support Operator
Sales Support
 At BAS since:
04 september 2009


Team player, people skills

My path

I have been working at BAS since 2009 and I still enjoy my job every day. Not only do I support the sales process, but I also arrange many things for the office and my colleagues. For example, I answer questions from customers via chat and e-mail, I receive customers from all over the world at our modern reception area (Experience) in Veghel and I do my utmost to make a good impression. When colleagues go abroad to visit a customer or supplier, I also gladly take the planning of their trip out of their hands. I arrange the airline tickets, the rental car and the accommodation.

This motivates me

Working in an international company that is always looking for new opportunities fills me with energy! I learn things every day and, thanks to the freedom of my position, I have already been able to complete many training courses to develop my skills further.

A great experience that will always stay with me is when I attended the Bauma fair with my colleagues from BAS Mining Trucks. This is the world's largest trade fair for construction equipment and accessories. And thus also the fair for companies that do business internationally. You meet existing and potential customers and they get to know our products! It was great to attend the fair with a team of colleagues I’m close with.

“Working at an international company that is always looking for new opportunities fills me with energy!”


Proud of…

I am proud of myself and the team when we have achieved the set goals together. Together we celebrate these successes during a Friday afternoon drink, the BAS company party or a fun weekend! It’s even more amazing when a customer brings a present on their next visit to thank me for the good service. That makes me proud!

An achievement that I am proud of is that I have been able to sell various trucks myself to countries such as Germany, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Paraguay.

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