Working at BAS with
Rob van der Wielen

Rob van der Wielen
 Job title:
Marketing intern
 At BAS since:
26 august 2019


I can support colleagues in different areas
my spark.

My spark

My spark is that as a part-time marketing employee, in addition to my studies, I can work in the marketing department at BAS. Not only does this make good money, but I also gain experience.​

My path

I started at BAS as a marketing intern in my 3rd year of the Commercial Economics course, this was in August 2019. During my internship I worked on a company assignment and supported colleagues in various tasks. After completing my internship, I was given the opportunity to continue working one day a week in the marketing department of BAS in addition to my studies, an ideal combination of working, learning and earning some money.

We are now a year and a half further and I have been able to work at BAS for several days and holidays as a marketing employee. The flexibility that BAS offers in this is especially nice, so I can combine my sometimes busy study with my job, which is something that you don't find at every company. My colleagues still know where to find me with various tasks, sometimes small, but also larger projects where I am given a lot of responsibility and can also make my own contribution.

My drive

As a 3rd year student of Commercial Economics I am at the beginning of my career. The internship at BAS is therefore the first step towards real business. At BAS I can develop myself because I am given the freedom to give my own input, but this is also supported by good guidance.

BAS also contributes to my ambitions to further develop myself by giving me a traineeship after my internship. In my case, this means that I work in the marketing department one day a week, besides my studies. For me, that is the ideal combination of working and learning and of course gives me a small income!

‘‘As icing on the cake, I was also able to work on a project independently, developing the BAS Dakar website.’’


Proud of...

I am proud that as an intern I have grown into a full member of the marketing family of BAS. And that I am given tasks with a lot of responsibility and freedom, this gives me a lot of confidence.

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