Working at BAS with
Rob de Leeuw

Rob de Leeuw
 Job title:
Workshop Manager
 At BAS since:
01 september 1995


Resolute and a good listener

My path

Before I joined BAS, I worked at the technical department at the Ministry of Defence. I spotted the vacancy for a mechanic at BAS Nijmegen through an advertisement in a regional magazine. This was before they built the new workshop. After a great interview I joined the firm. I have always my job with pleasure, followed many internal courses and (product) courses. I have always had a passion for technology, so at BAS I was able to indulge myself. Over the years I have gained the confidence and freedom to take the step from mechanic to foreman, then progressed to assistant workshop manager and I have since then been a workshop manager for more than 5 years. I manage fourteen technicians. Officially I don't have to tinker anymore, but often I can't help myself. I just love technology!

“Officially I don't have to tinker anymore, but often I can't help myself. I just love technology!”


This motivates me

I’m energized by solving very difficult technical issues. Mechanics and customers regularly come to me with technical questions, I also regularly assist customers with stranding. It’s fantastic to be able to help customers by phone! I also enjoy teaching new technicians and seeing & hearing what ideas they bring.

Proud of…

I am proud of where we started and where we are today. We have grown from a small workshop with four technicians, one service coordinator and one warehouse manager into a large and successful modern workshop. And yet we managed to maintain the intimate and pleasant atmosphere of a small shop. We work with an energetic team of which many colleagues are now good friends. Together we work hard and drink a beer on Friday afternoon. This creates a top atmosphere within BAS!

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