Working at BAS with
Rick Duister

Rick Duister
 Job title:
Intern logistics
Sales Support
 At BAS since:
02 february 2020


I always aim for maximal results!

My path

After four years of study in the Business Management SME program, I arrived at the last phase of my training. I’m really enjoying my internship at BAS Trucks. During my time here, I’m doing research into the logistics process of BAS. I am looking into the possibility of working with fixed transport prices and investigating the possible expansion of the transport network.

‘‘I'm a social person and find a good atmosphere very important.’’


This motivates me

I am motivated by the informal and cosy atmosphere in the office. I am a social person and find a good atmosphere very important. In addition, I also get energy from the enthusiasm of my colleagues.

Proud of...

My pride will be my thesis. In this thesis I’ll report on 20 weeks of research at BAS in detail. It would be the icing on the cake if my final advice & ideas would also be implemented at BAS. I am also proud of the fact that I am hired to work at BAS Truck Center after my internship as a service coordinator.

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