Working at BAS with
Praful Zalke

Praful Zalke
 Job title:
Team Lead + Tech Lead
IT & Development
 At BAS since:
23 february 2013


IT Architect and Full-stack Developer

My journey

In 2010 I finished my master's in computer application from Pune University India and I joined BAS in 2013 as a junior developer. From there I have grown up to a senior developer, Tech lead. I worked in all corners of the system. I have also grown my abilities as an IT architect. BAS is a very big leap in my carrier journey.

BAS is a very big leap in my carrier journey.


This motivates me

Every now and then I get new challenges from business and by solving them I put new commas in my knowledge. And still learning, there is no full stop yet.

Proud off

Proud to be one of the pillars of BAS IT.

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