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Nick Lathouwers

Nick Lathouwers
 Job title:
SEO & SEA Specialist
 At BAS since:
01 january 2019


Advertising expert

My spark

Thanks to my razor-sharp assist, the sales department scores - that is the feeling of online lead generation.

My career

Did we score yesterday? Daily monitoring of the achieved results gives a kick, but how did this customer find us? There are various channels that we use to approach potential customers worldwide. Optimizing these channels is therefore of great importance. After all, how do you reach someone from Peru? What and where are we going to advertise? To find out, you need to work closely with (international) colleagues, because everyone has their own field of expertise within a country or product group. So, there is no shortage of diversity! By now, I speak some Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Swedish and Arabic. Very useful if you are on holiday in one of these countries!

My drive

Standing still is going backwards. Sounds familiar? Continuous innovation and optimizing processes are the key to success. Do you have a good business idea? Then you’ll get the space and resources you need to realize. After all, you can never go wrong if you don’t take a risk!

Do you want to continue to develop yourself in your field? Then you've come to the right place! You can follow (online) training courses, visit one of our workshops or an international fair such as Bauma - the world's largest exhibition for the construction sector. Supertoll!

>Do you have a good business idea? At BAS, you'll get enough room and resources to make it happen. You don't shoot, you don't score, right?


Proud of…

Developing a new website for BAS Rent! An intensive process that ultimately results in success. The diversity of this project makes it fun and educational! What are the wishes of the business? What are competitors doing well and not doing well? What does the design look like? In short, enough challenges that lead to satisfaction!

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