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Mike van Zutphen

Mike van Zutphen
 Job title:
 At BAS since:
01 april 2018


Working efficiently

My path

I started as an intern at BAS. During my internship I carried out various activities to support sales. For example, I often went out with potential customers to view vehicles together and take a test drive. The great thing about this is that you actually play an important role in the commercial process. Especially when a customer decides to purchase a vehicle based on the test drive and the conversation they had with you. That really puts a smile on your face!

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at BAS which is why I decided to join them full-time as a field assistant.

"Every day I see beautiful vehicles passing by in Veghel that are sold all over the world."

This motivates me

Every day I come to work with new energy. There is so much for me to learn in the areas of sales processes and international business! Each day I meet customers from all over the world, which also improves my language skills. I think it's cool to be able to deliver trucks fully roadworthy to customers so that they can immediately start working as soon as they leave Veghel. I also like to follow these processes and regularly check the vehicles when they are being prepared.

Proud of…

I am proud to sell over 400 vehicles in my first year as a seller.

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