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Maarten Smits

Maarten Smits
 Job title:
Business Support Operator
After Sales
 At BAS since:
02 september 2014


Good knowledge of our data and solution-oriented

My career

In my role I provide the most diverse analyses concerning the cost development of, for example, a fleet of vehicles. You can think of questions such as "why is the fleet of customer A more expensive than that of customer B?" or "what do all our Euro 6 vehicles with a service contract cost per kilometer? Together with colleagues, I draw up maintenance plans for customers and see how we can best incorporate this into our calculations.

We are developing our own BAS Dealer Management System (DMS) in-house and for this I am busy migrating all the data from the old systems to the new BAS DMS. For example figuring out how we can manage various things in the future as efficiently as possible and making plans to transfer all historical data to the new DMS according to the wishes of the user. This is a challenging job, because it involves about 250,000 different parts, 40,000 vehicles, 4,000 standard activities incl. standard times and almost 450,000 historical work orders.
The variation between working with data, working out something for an external customer and various internal improvement projects makes this the ideal job for me!

''Ever since I was a child I have been very interested in the world of transport and trucks. It gives me great pleasure to be able to work with our clients and colleagues with the same passion that I have for this sector.''

This motivates me

Working for such a beautiful company as BAS fills me with energy.

Within the department, everyone is considered a specialist in their field. This gives us the freedom to give your own interpretation to your work and objectives. Even though everyone is busy with their own expertise, collaboration is paramount. This in a friendly "Brabant" atmosphere which leaves enough room for joking and discussing leisure-related matters. We also go spinning with colleagues in the gym, cycling with colleagues in Limburg and often have drinks with the department. All these activities show there’s a good mix of work and relaxation within the company.

Proud of…

An assignment that gives me an enormous boost is the development of our new Dealer Management System (DMS). Here I can use my knowledge of data to set up the new DMS as efficiently as possible. I also make plans to migrate all data from the old DMS to the new DMS. This includes 250,000 different parts, 40,000 vehicles, 4,000 standard activities incl. standard times and almost 450,000 historical work orders. In short, a very large and important project that I am proud to have had the opportunity to work on.

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