Working at BAS with
Linda van der Heijden

Linda van der Heijden
 Job title:
Data manager
IT & Development
 At BAS since:
01 december 2015


Queen of data

My path

I joined BAS after I completed my master in Marketing Management at Tilburg University. During this time, I only learned the basics of data, but I was intrigued and wanted to specialize myself in this field. At BAS I got the opportunity to work as a data specialist. A fun and educational challenge! Over the years I have been able to develop myself broadly at BAS and have attended courses, e-learnings and seminars to lift my skills to a higher level. Because I can continue to develop and gain new knowledge (including PHP, SQL, R and Python), my work remains challenging and interesting.

‘‘I grew from a starting marketer to a data specialist!’’


This motivates me

With my technical knowledge I can automate the management of our database with thousands of data points of relations, vehicles and parts, and I can link different systems together so that data can be exchanged. By using data, the processes of various colleagues have become more efficient. The data I provide also leads to insight into what we have achieved in a certain period and improvements of our website.

Proud of…

My eagerness to learn! I grew from a starting marketer to a data specialist!

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