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Jelle Brus

Jelle Brus
 Job title:
Sales support
Sales Support
 At BAS since:
01 february 2020

My path

When I completed my third-year internship in January, I wanted to gain more work experience in the field of marketing and/or sales, as a side job. It’s a good addition to my studies, since I study Commercial Economics at the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. I started looking out for companies and I ended up at BAS. I had heard many positive stories about the fact that BAS offers you a lot of opportunities to develop yourself. After my first interview, it was immediately clear to me that this was an ideal opportunity that I just had to seize.

My part-time job at BAS started in February. Because I was still studying in the meantime, I did sales support every Monday and Saturday from February to May. I must say that my knowledge of trucks and other vehicles was minimal when I started out, but now I have enough knowledge to serve our customers well. I’m now working full-time until mid-September until college starts again. I really enjoy myself and I am continuously working on different projects. These activities range from helping customers to supporting customer transport. I also try to attend the (price) negotiations between our sales representatives and customers as much as possible, because I really learn a lot from those.

"I really enjoy myself and I am continuously working on different projects."

In September I leave for England for 4 months, Omskirk (near Liverpool) to be precise. Here I am going to pursue a minor at Edge Hill University. The minor mainly focuses on customer behaviour, strategic marketing planning and e-commerce & m-commerce. In January I will return to the Netherlands and then graduate. The plan is to complete my graduation internship at BAS. During my graduation internship I will write a thesis that relates to a commercial issue at BAS and draw up a sales or marketing plan, for example.

This motivates me

When I manage to build a good relationship with a customer, and this then leads to an order. When you help a customer and find that you’re both on the same line, then the sales representative takes over. I then always try to stay on during the sales call. If the customer then signs off on a deal, I’m filled with joy.

Proud of...

I am proud to be part of this sales team!

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