Working at BAS with
Jasper Sint

Jasper Sint
 Job title:
Business Support Lead
After Sales
 At BAS since:
01 september 2008


Facilitator and problem solver

My path

Like many colleagues of mine, I started working at BAS immediately after I left school. After progressing through number of positions at BAS, I eventually was promoted to Business Support Lead. Every day I work with a team of 11 colleagues in a super modern office with great facilities. We have plenty of space to take initiative ourselves and have a lot of fun together. If you have a good idea, put it in writing and often our automation department will make it happen! Service is our top priority, but job satisfaction and personal relationships are just as important. We all recently followed a DISC training and several colleagues were LEAN certified in the past year. BAS never stands still!

"Working with people who also want to move forward. Together we ensure that BAS’ service locations can perform their work as well as possible. Solving problems and improving things always feels satisfying!"


This motivates me

Every day is different, and the level is high. I have a lot of freedom to do things and there is plenty of room for my own input. To a large extent I can organize my day myself and I get the means to realize things. Every day I work with my colleagues to provide optimal support to our service locations. Our goal is to ensure that they can help the customer as well and as quickly as possible. At BAS, we are service-oriented every day, we solve problems and are ready to help our colleagues & customers. That gives me energy!

Proud of…

I am most proud of implementing a completely new Dealer Management System, that went live in one go at all our locations. We had to invest significant resources in testing, training, collaboration and support for this to happen. Not everything went perfectly, but when it finally works it really fills you with joy. Working together and achieving something, that's what gives us energy at BAS!

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