Working at BAS with
Jari Evers

Jari Evers
 Job title:
Business Controller Sales
 At BAS since:
01 may 2019


Patient & helpful

My path

I started at BAS as a trainee where I was given the opportunity to hone my skills in all departments that interest me. You take such an opportunity with both hands! During my traineeship I discovered where my talents and interests lie, and I was able to develop myself further. After my traineeship I was offered the position as a Junior Business Controller.

Proud of…                                            

I am proud of the steps I have made within BAS. As a Junior Business Controller, it is my job to follow up with the sales managers on the issued policies. We try every day to lift ourselves and the company to a higher level.
In my role I enjoy the personal aspect the most. By talking to various departments and colleagues, I discover which areas can still be improved. In addition, I am proud of the fact that I can currently be part of the transition that we are now making to BAS World and that I can contribute to make the platform a little better.

"Every morning when I take the exit from the A50 and I see the huge parking lot of BAS Trucks, I am proud to work at such a fantastic company!


This motivates me

The great atmosphere that prevails at BAS always gives me energy. The teams are quite young, and everyone is motivated to make the most of the day. In addition, BAS is a flat and open organization. You don't have to work through different hierarchical layers to really achieve something. If you have good and ambitious ideas, you will always be listened to.

Furthermore, BAS also gives me ample opportunities to develop myself, both personally and professionally. An example of this is that I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Professional Scrum Product Owner training.

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