Working at BAS with
Fleur van Heertum

Fleur van Heertum
 Job title:
Team Lead Pre-sales
Sales Support
 At BAS since:
01 june 2015


Go-getter; always strives for the best achievable result!
Helpful; feels energized after training and coaching new employees and works well in a team.

My spark

As Team Lead of the Pre-sales team, I try to encourage my team every day, which ultimately leads to commercial success. We are the digital business card of the organization, convincing the customer online to do business with BAS.

Qualifying online leads, collecting data and ultimately convincing the customer to do business with us are central to this. This is a daily challenge, and we have succeeded well in this so far. Because we know how to properly qualify the customer in advance, retrieve the correct data and enthuse the customers, we save the seller a lot of work and time, which makes the process up to the final order much faster and more efficient.

My journey

I originally started in the sales department as a Sales Assistant. I mainly had to speak to customers in various languages, via chat and telephone, but also respond to online enquiries. In this role I was constantly multitasking in several languages: one moment you had a German-speaking customer on the phone, the next a French-speaking customer on the chat and then a Spaniard submitted an enquiry.

This made the role very dynamic and varied. During this position I gained a lot of knowledge and experience, which comes in handy on a daily basis in my current role. After a new team was set up for online sales, which focused entirely on online customers, I was appointed as Team Lead. A new challenge, which I take on every day with great pleasure.

The current pre-sales team consists of 8 people who each focus on their own market, from Spain and Russia to the Middle East. Within our team we speak no less than 8 languages, including Arabic, French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian. In short, we can talk to many customers in their own language. This makes our customer service unique! As a team we are already well attuned to each other in a short time and we know how to achieve good results. We have a very diverse and international team, in which various languages are represented, this makes it extra interesting to work together!

“I get energy from coaching and training people and when I see that we as a team manage to achieve good results together”


This motivates me...

Working in a dynamic environment where there is always something happening around you. Every day we are in contact with customers from all around the world. In addition, I get energy from coaching and training people and when I see that we as a team manage to achieve good results together. Partly because we know how to help the customer in the right way, we contribute to a successful sale. This makes me feel great and gives me a lot of satisfaction!

Proud of...

The results we have achieved as a team so far. We have only been active as a separate team within the organization for one year, during which we have fully focused on the customers who visit and reach out to us online.

We have significantly improved the response time of the chat and WhatsApp, improved the telephony performance, contributed to the increasing sales figures and improved the quality of customer data. In short, several results to be very proud!

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