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Diederik Boon van Ostade

Diederik Boon van Ostade
 Job title:
Product manager
 At BAS since:
15 april 2013

My path

In the summer of 2018, I successfully completed my four-year IVA HBO education. The IVA is and was a very logical choice for me. I was looking for a broad, commercial and management-oriented training where personal guidance and structure were central. In addition, I’ve had a passion for vehicles from an early age.
During my studies, I worked in the sales department at BAS Trucks on Saturdays. An educational part-time job that allowed me to start gaining work experience at an early stage and immediately apply what I learned in practice.

I enjoyed my job at BAS so much that, after obtaining my IVA degree, I wanted to continue working at BAS. After a good discussion with director Caspar, I was offered a position in Procurement. I have now been working as a product manager for a few years. A total of five product managers work at BAS Trucks, each of whom is responsible for one of the following product groups: tractors, closed box trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles or machines.

I’m responsible for the tractors and ensure that the team (which consists of 15 procurers) replenishes the stock weekly with standard tractors. Every purchase is coordinated with me and I determine at what price we’ll market the product. In order to maintain a steady number of sales, I assess bids daily and make sure that our products are presented as good as possible, both online and offline. About 70 tractors are sold every week. I keep an eye on the tractors that remain in stock for too long and discount them if necessary. In short, a challenging position with a lot of responsibility and variety.

“I have been working at BAS for 7 years now. I really like the combination between Automotive and B2B”.


This motivates me

I have been working at BAS for 7 years now. I really like the combination between Automotive and B2B. The type of customer is the reason why the B2B market appeals to me the most. The customers know what they are doing, are professional and look at completely different aspects than private customers.

In addition, it is also interesting to do business internationally and to get in touch with customers from 172 different countries. There is a great atmosphere at BAS; we work with a young team and are given a lot of freedom and responsibility.

In short, BAS is the ideal employer for me, and where I am nowhere close to have finished learning.

Proud of…

In the end, we all work together to sell as many vehicles as possible each week at the highest possible margin. Every Monday the purchase & sales counter resets to 0, and it is again a challenge to realize the predetermined weekly budget. When we had a good week, we celebrate it with a drink Friday afternoon. All this gives me enough of a challenge and pleasure to go to work with great enthusiasm!

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