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Bram van der Burgt

Bram van der Burgt
 Job title:
Service coordinator Veghel
After Sales
 At BAS since:
01 september 2015


Technical insight

My path

My career at BAS started, like many BAS colleagues, with an internship. After my internship, I took another year to graduate at a competitor. However, it was immediately clear to me that I did not feel as at home there as with BAS. After I graduated, I reached out to BAS and I quickly decided that I wanted to work here. I started immediately after graduating. From that moment on my “path” really started.

I started as a technical specialist at After Sales where I provided technical support to the workshop locations. I was happy to help the branches and customer with technical issues that needed the necessary “detective” work. In addition to technical support, I worked on various projects and soon got more & more responsibilities. Because new tasks and responsibilities constantly pop up, it remains a challenging job and never gets boring. I don't think I've ever done the same thing for two days.

After a while, during a conversation with my manager, my ambition came up to work in the dealer workshop. They immediately agreed. For several months now I have been working as a service coordinator at the Volvo & Renault Trucks location in Veghel. In short, there is no shortage of career opportunities at BAS!

‘’I don't believe I ever did the same thing for two days.’’


This motivates me

What motivates me is the reactions of customers and colleagues who are very grateful when you were able to help them. There is nothing better than helping someone out of the (figurative) fire!

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