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Bart Kusters

Bart Kusters
 Job title:
Director of Operations
 At BAS since:
02 january 2015

My journey

After my economics studies, I ended up in London. Most of my time in England I worked at a start-up in the financial services industry. In the six years that I worked for that start-up, we grew from a team of 4 to a team of 300, with offices all over the world - a remarkable time.

But in the end, the lure of living in Brabant again was too great, and migrating back also offered me an opportunity to start anew in a sector that really makes my heart beat faster: automotive. I started as Manager New Business Development where I was able to help convert BAS's ambitions into growth. We’ve realized a few great projects that have had a real impact on the bottom-line and our business model.

Due to the growth of the company in recent years, my position has also changed. As Director of Operations, I am now responsible for optimizing processes, managing growth, and I also remain closely involved in our New Business plans such as BAS World.

"I am proud of the corporate culture. We want to be the best at what we do and this is evident in everything we do."

This is what motivates me

Growth. It is great to work out a new concept and then see the end result; a first sale, or a customer using a new feature on the website for the first time. Some ideas really catch on and change our strategy, and others turn out not to be viable. That unpredictability makes it even more exciting when something gets off the ground.

In addition, it is also great to see the personal growth of my colleagues. Many employees start here without experience and develop themselves within their position, or make the switch to another field at BAS. Every day our colleagues go the extra mile and take on more & more responsibility.

Proud of...

The corporate culture. We want to be the best at what we do and that is reflected in everything. I am also proud of BAS World, the platform with which we are really going to put a new concept on the market.

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